James MacManus

James MacManus

“Harry Hopkins was President Roosevelt’s special envoy to London who arrived at the height of the Blitz on a fiery night in January 1941. The President had just sacked the US ambassador Jo Kennedy for his defeatist pro Nazi views and wanted to know what was really happening in Britain. When Prime Minister Winston Churchill heard that Hopkins was coming he simply said “Who?” No one in London had ever heard of a man who was the president’s adviser, confidante and actually lived in the White House. Hopkins’ job was to find out whether Britain was in any shape to survive an expected German invasion that spring. The Nazi armies had swept through Europe and their invasion barges were in every port along the English Channel waiting for the weather to improve. Churchill knew Britain would not survive without American help. He set out to woo and win a man who was widely disliked in Washington as an unelected crony of the President and a man with very left wing views. Sleep in Peace Tonight tells the story of Hopkins’ mission to Britain and Churchill’s clandestine efforts to find out what he was reporting back to the White House. Based very much on historical records it tells the story of high diplomacy, low intrigue and a heartbreaking love affair in wartime London.”

James MacManus

"With razor sharp prose and meticulous detail, James MacManus brings to life the tale of Harry Hopkins, the advisor to Franklin D. Roosevelt dispatched to London on the eve of the Second World War. In Sleep in Peace Tonight, MacManus chronicles Hopkins' remarkable, little known story as he finds himself in the confidence of Winston Churchill and newsman Ed Murrow – and in love with a woman half his age. Readers will savor this breathtaking ride, that is both a heady, heartbreaking romance and a chance to witness this critical moment in history from the shoulders of giants – fantastic!"

Pam Jenoff, author of The Kommandant’s Girl

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